Vision, Values, Ethos & Mission

Descriptions of our mission.

Vision, Values, Ethos & Mission

St Joseph’s is a welcoming school with friendly, supportive and hardworking staff.   

Our school is a fantastic place to learn, achieve and thrive and it is our pupils who make our school a special. Our pupils continually make us proud with their positive attitude towards their learning, their willingness and ambition to do well, their enthusiasm when faced with new challenges and the way they treat each other with care and respect. They really are a credit to our school.   

Our parents and families are very important to us, too, and we highly value the support they consistently give to their children and our school community. 

We believe that all children, with the right level of support and challenge, can achieve well.  Here at St. Joseph’s, we take into account the needs of each individual pupil and balance this with the collective needs of our school community.  We have the highest expectations regarding every member of our school family and we provide relevant and rich learning experiences which allow children to succeed. 

Education is exciting! It is constantly changing and evolving.  It challenges everyone involved to think critically and creatively to ensure, as a school, we provide learning experiences which are of the highest standard possible. 

We encourage children not to fear but to value mistakes.  It is mistakes, after all, which provide the best learning opportunities.  We expect our pupils to take responsibility for their own learning – right from the start of their journey in Nursery.   

Gospel values underpin our work.  In our school community, we strive to ‘Work hard, love tenderly, walk humbly: trusting in God’. We use the teachings of Christ as an example of how to develop relationships rooted in fairness, compassion and tolerance.  We our very proud of our heritage and our school caters for, and warmly welcomes, Catholic children and children of other faiths.  This makes St. Joseph’s a diverse school community where all children are respected and treated equally. 

We know we will only achieve the best results possible for each child by working with you: parents and carers.  When home and school work collaboratively, there will be a significant impact on the progress of our pupils.  

Together, we make St. Joseph’s a positive place for your child.  We will provide a space to laugh, and yes, perhaps to cry on occasion, make friends and deal with times friendships are challenged.  We will teach your child to value our world and understand the important place they hold within it. 


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